Syntax problem in pshistogram with -Q?

I am using GMT6 in Win10. When I wanted to plot the accumulative curve (pshistogram -Q) in the figure with the following command:

gmt pshistogram -R -J -O -K "temp_datos_prueba" -bi1h,1f >> %OUT% -A -F -Z%Z%+w -Q  -S -W0.5,blue -T5

I obtained this warnging and the line was not plot.

I managed to get the line plot with the folllowing command (with GMT5 syntax, I think):

gmt pshistogram -R -J -O -K "temp_datos_prueba" -bi1h,1f >> %OUT% -A -F -Z%Z%+w -Qr -S -L0.5,blue -W5

Should I use the second command (which is not describe in the docs)? or there is a syntax problem?