Taiwan ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code (TW) not recognized

So I was planning to put an inset map of Taiwan, and I tried using this code:

gmt inset begin -Dx-.08i/0i+w1.2i/1.5i
gmt coast -R119.5/122.5/21.5/25.5 -JM? -ETW+ggray85+p0.2p -Df -B0
echo 120.5 22.4 122 24.5 | gmt plot -Sr+s -W1p,red
gmt inset end

However, I receive the following notification:
coast[WARNING]: No country code matching TW (skipped).

Consequently, the map of Taiwan wasn’t plotted.

I know I can work around this problem by just indicating geographical coordinates that bound the island-nation, but I’m just wondering if I’m missing anything.



Geopolitics. Maybe try CN.TW? Read about provinces under a country like states in the US!

Wow it worked! Case closed lol :laughing:

It worked for me

gmt coast -R119.5/122.5/21.5/25.5 -JM10 -ETW+ggray85+p0.2p -Df -B0 -png lixo

Probably listwanites is using an older version of DCW.