Thanks and Accolades to the GMT Team

Please use this topic to provide gratitude to the GMT Team, when needed. Just reply to add your thanks.

Once an issue is closed in GitHub, it can be a little difficult, in GitHub, to give-back some gratitude.

I thank everyone for resolving an issue (#7136) that I was having with significant digits with plot axes with large values (e.g., GPS time in secs). When I encountered the problem, I told colleagues that I’d submitted a bug report, and I thought the team would have it resolved in 24 hours. You folks did it in less than 12 hours. Now That is what I call good service! Thanks!!!


Thanksgiving season ?

Thanks for maintaining this set of tools and indulging and implementing frivolous ideas of never ending customization (also a near psychotic need for tiny details’ control)

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We also accept


To @ll PyGMT team, thanks!!!


I gladly join the choir of praise for the GMT devs and contributors. A sincere thank you for all your outstanding work in creating, maintaining and supporting this awesome GMT universe. Where most bugs are resolved within hours, where almost no feature request is too obscure not to be considered, where backwards compatibility is guaranteed for decades, where modern mode is flattening the learning curve for beginners and where classic mode is giving you all the power (and responsibilities) you could ever wish for.

But not only the battle hardened devs squishing bugs in obscure edge cases deep down in the GMT core deserve praise. Also a big thank you to you, the user. Beginners and pros alike. Thank you for making this community a friendly and welcoming place for everyone. What a great example of what can be achieved when humans from all around the world work together.

Thank you.


@Joaquim, isn’t sending ham to Portugal a bit like carrying coal to Newcastle? :wink:

Yes, ofc. But I can provide the contact of my local ham’s dealer.

Wine or beer with the ham?

Undoubtedly, red.