The inset picture doesn't displayed

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gmt begin multi_plot png
gmt subplot begin 1x3 -Fs5c/4c -A
gmt subplot set 0
gmt grdimage example.grd -R70/138/13/56 -Cjet
gmt inset begin -DjBR+w0.5c/0.8c+o0.1c
gmt inset end
gmt subplot set 1
gmt grdimage example.grd -R70/138/13/56 -Cjet
gmt subplot set 2
gmt grdimage example.grd -R70/138/13/56 -Cjet
gmt subplot end
gmt end show (11.7 KB)

Hi friends, I wanna use ‘subplot’ and ‘inset’ at the same time, but why is the ‘inset’ picture not displayed?

Not sure. However, please do not paste code as an image. Not possible for me to use that as a template for a bug check - have to type it all in. Use images for images, not text. Perhaps you can post a short example (say 2 panels using coast instead of grdimage) that demonstrates the problem?

Sorry for that, I edit this post again.

Thanks, I have made a GitHub issue.