To increase the visibility of topography grid image

Hello experts. I am generating a earthquake map, but my base topography is not visible. I am using following commands given below:

gmt makecpt -Crelief -D -T-8000/8000/500 -V -Z > topo.cpt

gmt grdimage ETOPO.grd -R70/99/24/36 -IETOPO.grd -Ctopo.cpt -B3/3 -Jm0.6 -X2 -Y8 -P -V -K >> $out

cat eq.txt |awk ‘{print $1 ,$2}’ |
gmt psxy $region $projection -R -J -B -Sa0.09 -O -Gblue -K >> $out
gmt psxy 1505_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 1555_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 1714_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 1803_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 1905_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 1934_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 1950_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 2005_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy 2015_earthquake.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy India_outline.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out
gmt psxy MHT.txt -R -J -O -K -W0.0001p >> $out

gs $out

  • Please format you code between ``` to make it easier to read.
  • Remove -O from the line before gs $out.

Thank you. Its done.

I’m sorry. I meant remove -K, not -O.