Topographic/bathimetric grid to used with GMT5

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to plot some maps to use with GMT 5.4.5, but it seems that my ETOPO1_Bed_g_gmt4.grd is not the best and lacks in resolution.
Can anyone point me to a good grid for this version of GMT?

Thank you all,

João,but I did already! What’s the problem with the links I showed you?

Hi Joaquim…thanks for your reply. The problem is that i have to plot some maps as i showed before but if work with gmt6 i’ll have to spend some time to adapt the scripts and i have to finish this by the weekend. As you pointed out the Etopo1 that i have might not be the best so i wonder if i can use some other grid (asap).
Thank you!

You can use your scripts in GMT6.
And etopo1 is easy to find too. A quick search returned

Joaquim, that’s from where i’ve obtained my grid file.
The issue here is that the cpt files don’t have enough resolution if i plot some region, e.g. panama channel. That’s why i’ve tried to plot in gray scale, but than again i had that antialiasing problem you pointed out. So…i’m in a hurry to plot 4 maps of south america regions with good resolution but the cpt files don’t have enough resolution.

See grd2cpt. It lets you compute a cpt good for the z-limits defined by the -R sub-region (e.g. Panama)

Thank you Joaquim. I suppose these are “newbie” issues…i’ll take more time with GMT, it seems to me a very cool tool…quite different from what i’m used to work with.
I’ll let you know if i made it.
Thank you.

The real recommended thing is that you update to 6 and use our datasets that I pointed you.
Otherwise, you can find better versions of that grid (NASA, really?, convert an etopo grid to int32!!!) in smaller patches here

I’ll upgrade than.
I’ll take a look on the NASA grids!