Transparency Issues

Hi there,

I had transparency working normally, but I believe after some update with brew it suddenly stopped working. It doesn’t show any error messages, it just plots the opaque color, without transparency. I also tried uninstalling and installing again. I have the latest gmt version (6.4.0) using iOs Monterey 12.1.


gmt begin map pdf
  gmt coast -W1p -Gyellow -Sblue -R-60/-30/-40/10 -JM8 -B
  echo "-50 -20" | gmt plot -Sc5 -Gred@50
gmt end show

Gives me the figure:

map.pdf (56.5 KB)

If anyone has any idea why this is happening… Help!

Thanks a lot!

The ghostcript group tend to introduce new bugs from time to time. I am guessing it updated your distribution to gs 10.01.0 from 10.0 (which works).

Run gs -version to find out, then google how to go back to previous version.