Trying to build the docs - where are the files?

First time trying to build the docs on macOS following Contributing Documentation guidlines. I got it to build (lots of warm air) but I’m stumped where to find the resulting html documentation?

You need to do a make install otherwise they live spread inside the build dir (like the rest of binaries.

That did the trick. Not seeing the forest for the trees … Thank you @Joaquim!

Where does make install place the files?

My routine is to do a $ cmake --build . --target docs_html.
The docs will then be placed in $builddir/doc/rst/html/, and I can access e.g. $builddir/doc/rst/html/index.html to get to the same landing page as the online docs.

Hi @Andreas, I configured GMT_DOCDIR in the file ConfigUserAdvanced.cmake to my liking so I can place them wherever I want (as long as I have write access).

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Nice tips. Thanks!