Turn off automatic font size for color bars

Dear fellow GMT users,
I recently installed the latest GMT version on a new computer and ran older scripts (older but still GMT6). Now labels on color bars are scaled relative to the axes labels (i.e., they are much smaller). I prefer to control the font size myself but don’t find a way to turn this off. Changing the defaults using “gmt set” doesn’t help. Any suggestions?

Classic mode or modern? Maybe play with different GMT_THEME, I think the modern and minimal themes cause auto scaling.

I have tried but changing to classic doesn’t help either.

Yes. A (non) working example.

An example will help as @Joaquim says.

See GMT Themes — GMT 6.6.0 documentation. Both modern and minimal auto scales a lot of settings.

Maybe this can help, Gmt not reading FORMAT_GEO_MAP from gmt.conf - #11 by Andreas?

Here’s the script:
gmt begin SWBaltic

gmt set GMT_THEME classic FONT_ANNOT 12p MAP_FRAME_TYPE plain -JM8c -R9.785/10.6/54.26/54.83

gmt makecpt -Cabyss -T0/50/2 -Iz -H > contour_3.cpt

gmt basemap -Bx0.5g0 -Bya0.25g0 -BWesN

gmt coast -Df -W0.3p -Wblack -Ggray90 -A2000

gmt colorbar -Dx4.5c/+1.0c+w3c/0.3ch -Ccontour_3.cpt -B10 -B+l"Water depth (m)"

gmt basemap -R+7.7/+13.7/+53.5/+57.9 -JM2.2c -Bx0.0g0 -Bya0.0g0 -Bwesn

gmt coast -Dh -W0.3p,black -A2000 -Ggray80 -Swhite

gmt end show

I also copied the modern file in the theme folder, changed all fonts to 12p, renamed it and called it with GMT_THEME. Same unsatisfying result.

Sorry, but please make it a minimal example. Often one liner is all it takes to show the issue.

Here’s a simple example. In the custom theme all fonts are set to 12p. I can modify the frame by changing to plain but I don’t see how I can turn off automatic labeling. Turning off GMT_THEME altogether doesn’t work either.

gmt begin example

gmt set GMT_THEME custom FONT_ANNOT 12p MAP_FRAME_TYPE plain -JM8c -R9.785/10.6/54.26/54.83

gmt makecpt -Cabyss -T0/50/2 -Iz -H > example.cpt

gmt basemap -Bx0.5g0 -Bya0.25g0 -BWesN

gmt colorbar -Dx4.5c/+1.0c+w3c/0.3ch -Cexample.cpt -B10 -B+l"Water depth (m)"

gmt end show

This is a one-liner

gmt colorbar -Dx7.5c/-.85c+w14c/0.15c+jTC+h+e -F+gwhite -B.1g.2 -B+tcontinuous -Cjet -Bx -By+lmm/day --FONT_ANNOT=20 -png lixo

Thanks for the illustration. I added additional lines (base map) to demonstrate the different font size between axes and colorbar labels.

Try removing FONT_ANNOT 12p from your set command and add --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY=46p to your colorbar call.

Thanks a lot! The numbers were larger but the title was still small. Using --FONT instead of --FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY changes both.

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