Unable to decode BoundingBox file


I have just installed the new GMT ver 6 on my Ubuntu 18.04. It seems all the installation went well. I have tested some basic commands.:

gmt begin GMT_tut_1
gmt basemap -R10/70/-3/8 -JX4i/3i -B -B+glightred+t"My first plot"
gmt end show

But faced an error as:
psconvert [ERROR]: Unable to decode BoundingBox file ./psconvert_20481c.bb

PS. I have also the latest Ghostscript installed in my Ubuntu.

Any help is appreciated.


@Yacob Could you change last command to gmt end show -Vd, and post the output debug information?

BTW, can you check your Ghostscript version by gs --version? gs 9.27 has some critical bugs, and the latest gs is 9.50.

Hi Seisman,

Using -Vd option has provided me a clue where the errors were and subsequently solved the issues. There was a mixing up the share from my previous version of GMT.

Very much appreciated.

Glad to know it helps.

Hello Yacob,

just for curiosity, how did you installed GMT6.0? Did it you from source?

Best wishes

Juan Diaz-Naveas

Hi Juan

Yes, I did install GMT6.0 from the source (gmt-6.0.0-src.tar). Also, I updated the dependencies before the installation.

Dear Yacob,

Thanks a lot and best wishes