Undefined region

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I have a question about the region. Prior to doing any plot, we have to define the region. Is there any way to have GMT automatically adjust it? It is because I have a dataset with its row (‘variable’) having different magnitudes. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, you need to be a two bits more specific in your question (the reference to magnitudes makes me guess that). modern mode scripts can guess the -R if I remember well (but not sure)

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Hi Joaquim,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sorry for being unclear.

My problem is that I want to plot some scatters (having the x and y). Sometimes the range of x and y change depending on my calculation, and if that is the case, I should re-define the region … I wonder if there is a way to just plot it.

Ps. I am using pygmt and previously used matplotlib hehehe :sweat_smile: so there I used to just plot it.

I know that I can estimate the maximum and minimum of my data and put it as the region but I wonder if there is already a “more elegant” way of doing it. :slight_smile:

I understand you well in this (though less in the solution :slight_smile:) but then you should had posted this in the PyGMT tag. Not that important but I’m no Py user.

Still, have you tried to let it guess? PyGMT uses the modern mode only so you may have luck.

I see hehehe, just changed the tag, thanks… yes I give it a try by computing the mean and standard deviation of my data … looks fine but

any other elegant solution is welcome :slight_smile: