Value limits for scale

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I’m using GMT ver. 4.5.2 [64-bit] under Debian and I need to use this particular version. I plot wave heights at certain points of time, I need to have scale bar limits (min and max values) to be the same for all plots independently of actual values in each grid file. I’m using psscale command to create scale bar. Could anyone advise on how to do it? I haven’t managed to find it in the manual.

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The psscale program draws the color scale bar, but the color range limits are determined by the makecpt command that creates the .cpt file. If you want a set of plots to all use the same color limits, you can use the same .cpt file for all the plots and the psscale will have the same color scale bar limits.

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Would you be so kind to satisfy our curiosity and explain why? I’m asking because (so far) no one is supposed to be stick to one particular version.

Our research group is limited in people who are able to upgrade our hpc system quickly. Since there is very little time for debugging our “commander in chief” has decided to stick to old linux version.

Thank you, sorry I did not rtfm :slight_smile: