Video Tutorial for new beginner

I am new to this. Is there any video tutorial to learn this??

Try to test it yourown!
it better than watch video!

and the video is actually less

At least for a basic need a video tutorial.

Hi @Mithun_rt,

First off, welcome to the Generic Mapping Tools community! GMT is quite a versatile tool, and it would be great to know a bit about your background so that we can cater to what you’re trying to accomplish. E.g. Mapping of topography, seismic data, ocean bathymetry, etc.

We did run some workshops before for GMT and PyGMT, and you can find some good quality tutorial material at, or sign up for future ones! The UNAVCO 2019 GMT short course would be a good place to start, and you can find the video recording at (warning: they’re a few hours long).

I also found some tutorials on Youtube for non-native English speakers/those that don’t mind using subtitles (coincidentally, I understand both languages!):

Let us know if those are helpful, and give us a shout if you run into any errors with installation or have problems with making a specific map. @nobody did mention here about making some video tutorials, so maybe you could see if she/he has made any already :smile:

Thank you. I am sure this gonna help me as a beginner. I am a geoscience student. My working area is also versatile. I used to make plots using other software but now I want switch to GMT.

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I’ll check them all