Visibility of Forum in Site Navigation / Posting Rules

Dear GMT Gurus,

I’m still getting used to the new site and I was wondering where to find the forums. While people familiar with the Discourse software and logo might find it in the navigation bar on top I was stumped on where to look for it. Maybe it is beneficial to make it a link from a word instead of an icon?

I wanted to ask a question in the forum and prepared a rather long post for it including several pictures and links. As a new poster I’m not allowed to post more than one images and two links. I found this rather annoying. Maybe this can be increased to five or some other higher arbitrary value?

When do I get rid of the “new user” status?

All the best,

Hi @KristofKoch that’s a valid point the forum link on the website. I agree that it might be best to have the word “Forum” instead of the icon.

Regarding the permissions, Discourse is kind of like StackOverflow where the more you use the site the more permissions you’ll get naturally. The limit for new users is to prevent spamming of the site and it’s a good thing to have. Though you are obviously an experience GMTer and active member of the community. I’ll see if I can elevate you through the admin panel :slight_smile:

OK, I managed to bump you up a level which should take off the training wheels for the forum. For more context on why Discouse does this see:

I also opened on the website repo to fix the logo issue.


Hi @leouieda,

thank you for looking into this and bumping me up one level. Yes, the word “Forum” as navigation link text came to my mind as well :wink:

While I do see your point in preventing new users from spamming the forum (has happened in the old forums) I see no difference in one or five links to products which are supposed to enlarge your manly bits or are about to infect your computer with well written software for sinister use cases. Those kind of posts still need to be taken care of.

The advantage of tightly restricting images is unclear to me. Maybe DDoS the server with numerous uploads? Normally users are encouraged to post well written and example ridden questions to make it easy to follow their question and being able to reproduce their problem. I think I can hear @pwessel bite into his keyboard halfway around the globe every time a user posts a question without image or example code. :wink:

Therefore I still support a (slightly) higher limit for links and images for first time posters. Five looks good to me but is chosen arbitrary. Be kind to Paul and think of his dentist bill …

Thank you for the link to the Discourse Trust Levels and mentioning StackOverflow. While the system is great and very much needed for very large forums I think the GMT community is way smaller and a bit more relaxed than the trenches of StackOverflow et al. In this light maybe you and the others can decide upon easing the restrictions for first time posters a bit.

Please take this as an input to the discussion as it is in no way meant to be against you or the rules written by the Gurus.

All the best,

@KristofKoch I agree with you that GMT is different from other projects where we want people to post images. I’ll mess around with the admin to see if it’s possible at least.

Not at all! That’s why we created the Site Feedback category. A lot of the push we’ve been making is to try to rely less on Gurus and more on people like you, who have a lot of enthusiasm for helping others. This is just as important as writing code. There is no point in having an awesome project that no one can understand. The GMT docs are a good example of why gurus alone shouldn’t be doing this. It’s really hard for someone who’s been developing GMT for 10-30 years to explain things to people who’ve never seen the project before.

If we do want to change it, it can be done: In the Admin dashboard > Settings > Posting there are parameters newuser max links newuser max images and newuser max attachments. We could increase to a sensible number (and always change it back if it’s causing problems).

@staff any thoughts on this? @pwessel how much would this save on tooth implants?

The aluminum keyboards from Apple are hard on my molars, so encouraging more image postings is a good thing. We can always throttle back if we get slammed.

Glad to hear, I just wanted to make sure you understood it the intended way. As a non-native English speaker it is sometimes difficult for me to properly convey my intentions. The subtleties sometimes get lost in translation.

OK, I set the new user settings:

  • Max links: 5
  • Max images: 5
  • Max attachments: 5

Does that sound reasonable?

To me – yes. Thank you @leouieda!