Warning from ghostscript when converting to other formats


At some time in the last few months ghostscript has started producing millions of warning messages when I create GMT plots in formats other than postscript. Here’s the warning:

**** WARNING: .setopacityalpha is deprecated (as of 9.53.0) and will be removed in a future release
**** See .setfillconstantalpha/.setalphaisshape for the improved solution

The end plots still look good though.



True, but this has already been addressed in GMT master. We cannot do anything about releases 6.1.1 and earlier since the message are caused by system calls to gs and as your system updated gs these messages are getting more aggressive.
Options: (a) Pray for us to release 6.2 soon or (b) build from git repo.

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Thanks Paul,

I’ll pray :slight_smile: