What is the correct way to change the font and size of my colorbar label?

I tried the below and it did not work, with no error messages:

colorbar!(..., frame=(xlabel="Variable", FONT_LABEL="5p,Helvetica,black"), ...)


Font to use when plotting labels below axes [default is theme dependent]. Choose auto for automatic scaling with plot size.

I won’t go here into the details on how keyword=value works but basically it means one can provide whatever the user wants as the kw=val pair and it’s impossible for the program to check all possible wrong combinations.

At the modules level all not recognized combinations are reported as warnings that that option was not used (not an error, just a call to attention). This, however, is not carried down to the individual options.

All this to say that


is wrong syntax to the frame option (it has a manual that does NOT list it as possible).

All configuration options must go into the par=(...) or conf(...) options. That is, the correct syntax should be

colorbar!(..., frame=(xlabel="Variable",), par=(FONT_LABEL="5p,Helvetica,black"), ...)
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Many thanks, Joaquim! The solution works wonderfully.

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