Why no Taiwan in coast -E?

To a project, I need to plot countries in different color. To do this I used gmt coast -E+l to have the country list and their code. Then for each of them I selected the color I wanted and plot them with coast -E (cf figure 1). At first everything look fine (except for HK : coast [ERROR]: Failure while getting ID for variable HK_length in /usr/local/dcw-gmt-2.1.0/dcw-gmt.nc!)

But looking around the map, I found that Taiwan was in white, except that it should be in light blue.


I looked through my script and have not found some error and looked my country list, and there was no Taiwan in it. So to be sure I made a map of Asia (asia.png) and there is no Taiwan.

Why is that?

Thank you.

Have a look at https://github.com/GenericMappingTools/dcw-gmt/issues/80

Thank you very much

Yes, I think that it was a bug. I think we fixed in dcw 2.1.1. And it seems you are using 2.1.0. Try using the latest version.