Writing equations in forum posts - Discourse math

Would you consider enabling a module that allows one to write math easily?

E.g. Discourse math.

It looks very useful.

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The same syntax is available on github; Math support in Markdown. Didn’t know this.

SOEST IT has added the plugin - feel free to test it (I have not).

Does not render;


Inline test; $E=mc^2$

The link in my original post says: This plugin is disabled by default, after installing be sure to enable it via site settings. So maybe not enabled?

I don’t see the math plugin on the “Plugins” (https://forum.generic-mapping-tools.org/admin/plugins) page.

Very strange.

Our SOEST It people did add it, then I had trouble accessing the server, and perhaps he made some changes. Server has been up but no math. I sent am email to him before Xmas but I suspect buried in holiday breaks etc. I will see if I can get a reply.

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Any news?