Writing Text on a map

Please, I am finding it so difficult to Write on my map and the gmt documention is too technical understand below is the command I used. An example of text I Intend to Write on the map is “GeoB18530-1” which is a core name

#!/usr/bin/env bash
gmt begin image
    gmt coast -R-100/-10/35/80 -Jl-55/15/30/80/1:50000000 -Wthin -S -Wthin -B -N1/thick,red 
    gmt makecpt -Cetopo1 -T-5000/1000/1
    gmt grdimage @earth_relief_10m -I -C -B
    echo 49W 42E | gmt plot -BWSen -Sa0.3c -Gred -N -Wp1
    echo 49W 42E | gmt text GeoB18530-1 -R-49/42  -Bb -F+aO -Gblack -N
    gmt colorbar -DJBC -B1000
gmt end show 

Thank you.

Well, if you want to send input to gmt text you either use a file or you send it via standard input (e.g., using echo). Your command right now is saying that GeoB18530-1 is a file to be read. I think you are looking for something like this

echo 49W 42E GeoB18530-1 | gmt text -F+f12p -N

Not sure what you were planning with the broken -R option or the -Bb though. And the -Gblack would paint the entire text box black so unless you switched to a white font your text would be invisible.

I tried the command line and it worked. Thank you so much for having time to respond to my rudimentary questions. I have watched your Team’s 5hrs shortcourse video on YouTube and it is very interesting “kudos for that” but with less emphases on creating symbols (e.g. creating current Patterns) on maps. Please, is there any Pamphlet or Small document for gmt beginners that you know of?

thank you.

Beginners are recommended to work through the online tutorial.