X2sys_binlist create a .tbf for only a few of the .mgd77 in the folder


The command x2sys_binlist is doing tricks on me. let me explain:

I want to use the x2sys_get command to work with a database of mgd77 files.

In order to do so, I first created the MGD77 TAG using x2sys_init:
(base) magnemites-iMac:~ gadraifman$ gmt x2sys_init MGD77 -Dmgd77 -Gd -Wt900s -Wd5k -I.5/.5 -R-180/180/-90/90

After that I created a list of all the mgd77 files in the given folder:
(base) magnemites-iMac:ngdc gadraifman$ ls *.mgd77 > ist_of_ngdc

The folder contains 6055 files:
(base) magnemites-iMac:ngdc gadraifman$ cat list_of_ngdc | wc
6055 6055 90947

To create a tbf file for all mgd77 files, I used x2sys_binlist:
gmt x2sys_binlist ``cat list_of_ngdc`` -TMGD77 > ngdc_shlomit.tbf

All is well and good, but when I check how many mgd77 files actually make up the new tbf file, I see that there are only 1809.
cat ngdc_shlomit.tbf | grep '>' | wc
1809 3618 19910

How is that?

Not sure what double back-ticks might do. Try to run this instead

gmt x2sys_binlist =list_of_ngdc -TMGD77 -V > ngdc_shlomit.tbf

and see if the verbose output matches the expectation and if passing the files this way fixes the problem.