X2SYS problem..(x2sys_binlist)

I installed GMT6 and I am currently trying to use x2sys on WSL2 of windows 10…
There was no problem using this program in 2020. But last month I used the script below after I run x2sys_init.

*set dataset = ibm*
*gmt x2sys_binlist =track_list -T$dataset -V > tracks.tbf*

after I run this script, the error message showed up as below

*x2sys_binlist [ERROR]: x2sys_read_file : Cannot open file /home/hanjin/x2sys/data/MR11-E0.xyz*
*(null): Error from fclose [/home/hanjin/x2sys/data/MR11-E02t]*

It seems the length of the path is limited… if I shorten the path, it is okay.

I am not sure how to change the length of the path… or why this error message shows up.

Could you please give me a solution or update the program?

Thank you very much!