Xyz2grd.exe: Found 762612 records, but 1442401 was expected

Hi everyone,

I try to convert SRTM data (S09E115.bin → save from 3dem software, (590.2 KB) binary signed integer) using xyz2grd. this is the scipts

#!/bin/csh -f
set SRTM = S09E115

set REGION = 108:00:00/109:00:00/-8:00:00/-7:00:00
set zfile = ./$SRTM.bin
set grdfile = ./$SRTM.grd
set int = 3c

#gmtset D_FORMAT %12.5f

xyz2grd $zfile -R$REGION -I$int -G$grdfile -ZBLf -F -V

but there is some error;
xyz2grd.exe: Found 757676 records, but 1440000 was expected (aborting)!

Anybody can fixs this problem? I used gmt 4.5.5 on cygwin.


In GMT 6.1.1 you would just do

gmt grdcut @srtm_relief_03s -R108:00:00/109:00:00/-8:00:00/-7:00:00 -Gtile.grd

Anyway, these bin files are short ints are they not? So you would use -ZBLh I think, but not sure what 3dem saves so you would need to know that.