AGU 2024 pre-conference workshop?

A little last minute, but is anyone planning on going to AGU this December 2024, and interested in co-organizing a GMT or PyGMT workshop? Deadline for the workshop proposal is due by 24 April (details at AGU24). This would be an on-site workshop at Washington D.C.

I’d like to see a workshop for
  • GMT
  • PyGMT
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Length of the workshop
  • Full-day workshop (7hr incl breaks)
  • Half-day workshop (3.5hr incl breaks)
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Ideally, we would have at least 3-4 people as co-organizers for this workshop (leave a comment below if you’re interested in helping)! There’s some resources from 2019 at Resources for the AGU 2019 GMT Workshop that could be helpful.

Btw, I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be attending AGU this year, so would appreciate it if someone can take the lead on this. Note that the submitter must be a current 2024 AGU member or a current member of an affiliated society/organization (can sign up during submission).

Hello @weiji14 ! I think the idea is great. Unfortunately, I’ll be probably somewhere “floating” on the Southern Ocean during that week, but I can help by building course materials. In the same way of the EGU, I’ve been improving some scripts about Planetary Maps (GitHub - andrebelem/PlanetaryMaps: A notebook to make some maps of Mars using pygmt), and now I have an idea to include new data from MOLA and Noctis Labyrinthus, reproducing some figures from SETI that I saw in a lecture. Thinking on the audience of AGU, I can try to produce some about Europa (Clipper mission).

I also have some notebooks ready with examples of Antarctic Maps 3D based on IBCSO V2 (GitHub - andrebelem/3D-Antarctic-maps: Crafting 3D maps of Antarctica with PyGMT and the new IBCSO V2 data). I believe these examples are sufficient to stimulate new users.

Count on me to help build things during the pre-AGU period.

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Thanks @andrebelem, some planetary examples would definitely broaden the appeal to more AGU attendees!

I’ve started a draft doc on HackMD at AGU 2024 GMT/PyGMT workshop - HackMD for the workshop proposal. Let me know anyone if you’re interested in helping, and I’ll grant you edit access. This needs to be submitted by 24 April (23:59 EDT/03:59 UTC+1)

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I made a few insertions in the text. Now it needs further attention.

Thanks everyone, the workshop proposal seems to be coming along nicely. I’m planning to submit this tomorrow by the deadline, and currently have @maxrjones, @yvonnefroehlich, @andrebelem and myself listed as presenters. Note that it is still possible to add presenters afterwards, once the workshop is confirmed.

@Esteban82, would you like to be included in this initial proposal too? I’ll need your current affiliation and ORCID.

Also, what are people’s thoughts on having a full day workshop (7hr incl breaks)? If we’re doing both GMT and PyGMT, it might make sense to have more time to go through all the material.

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My orcid is ORCID. Maybe it would be better to add me later when I can confirm that I will go.

A full day workshop is a great idea !
@weiji14, just to confirm, I won’t be able to attend because I’ll be on a cruise, but you can count on me to prepare the materials.

Additionally, I added “Past, Present, and Future Climate” and “Physical Oceanography: Mesoscale and Larger” to the target audience list because I will be sharing a few examples using PyGMT and CESM AWS S3 data. Interestingly, there is no “planetary science” in this list? I added “ Other: Planetary Science” in this case but feel free to drop it.

Ok, I’ve left your name out for now, but we’ll definitely add you back in later once the funding is confirmed.

Yes, noted. I’m hoping that we can get you to record a short video for your Planetary Science tutorial, and play it during the workshop, and then get the attendees to do a short exercise on that. Will see how it goes.

Ok, I’ve submitted the proposal for a full day workshop :tada: This is a lot more ambitious than what I was prepared for, but I’m sure the team will be able to pull this through :smile: We should hear back about whether the workshop proposal is accepted around mid-June according to the timeline at Present | AGU24.