Resources for the AGU 2019 GMT Workshop

Hi everyone, this thread is where we’ll gather all the resources, links, and feedback for the AGU 2019 workshop.

Workshop attendants please feel free to introduce yourselves :wave:


05 min: Introductions and information about the workshop format
10 min: A brief history of GMT, its governance structure, and code of conduct
30 min: Setting up computers and troubleshooting [hands-on]
60 min: How to use git and GitHub [hands-on]
10 min: A tour of the GMT development infrastructure
10 min: Coffee break (10:00 - 10:10)
15 min: Pair up and choose small code or documentation projects to work on [hands-on]
70 min: Work on projects with the help of the instructors [hands-on]
10 min: Participants submit their contributions to GMT (making a “pull request”) [hands-on]
10 min: Example review of a documentation contribution
10 min: Wrap up, next steps, and how to continue involved in the project

To run things online in case of install problems:

Cheatsheet for making a contribution:

  1. Edit the file
  2. Make a new branch: git checkout -b branch-name
  3. Add the change: git add name-of-file.rst
  4. Make the commit: git commit
  5. Dealing with vim: i to type text; Esc then :wq to exit
  6. Push to your fork: git push origin branch-name
  7. On Github, open the pull request