Anyone with Win11 can please try this?

gmt grdimage -Rd -JI15c -P -Xc >

The above is crashing for me (11 but not in 10 ) in oppenssl

11, the version that keeps on giving shit.

Executes without problems with 6.4.0. Have not checked though.

Thanks, but you need to see if is not empty.

1772 kb.

Ok, installed ghostscript and converted to pdf (is GSView annihilated?). Looks like a projected jessica rabbit in the -JI projection.

Bloody yes, but insisting I was able to find one somewhere.

Regarding the shitty thing, I’m running a local GMT build but what you run was build by me as well.

So does it answer your question that it worked for me?

Yes, it did (it’s one of our tests). Now wtf it crashes for me.

I managed to solve this issue by building a new working libcurl but I don’t tell you what I had to suffer to build a libcurl8 with HTTPS.