Border coordinates

Dear All,
I need to create a DB with all the coordinates like: 44.292951, 12.349290 of the borders nations. like Italy.
Is there anybody that can help me to understand the best way to do this?

thank you a lot

Is this what you need?

gmt coast -EIT -M > Italy.txt

Dear Seisman, thank you. The file is created but show some coordinates in Eritrea, not Italy
do I wrong something?
thank you a lot

Running gmt coast -EIT -M | gmt plot -Baf -png map gives me the following figure:

It looks correct, but I’m not familiar with European countries.

gmt coast -EIT -M | gmt info

<Standard Input>: N = 8276 <6.614898/18.513316439> <35.492207/47.0950299496>

Surely not Eritrea!

I was wrong, my sorries
it works

Sure my wrong
thank you

Thank you seisman thank you a lot

I’m sorry may I ask?
How can I do for europe and world?

THere are many ways, but it depends on what you want to use it for. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and then we can recommend the best solution.

thank you pwessel, I need coordinates of coast line (shore). full definition -Df for

this work well: gmt coast -EIT -M > Italy.txt

is it possible only shorelines? and extend the zone, like europe?

thank you a lot

=EU should give you all of Europe. But again the best approach depends on what you want to do and I do not know what to recommend.

Dear pwessel, I need to find a way to build a DB with the coordinates of the line of a determinate coast. I just need a txt file with this coordinate as much accurate possible.

For istante I’d need to get the coordinates of the shoreline of the pictures.

for istante I’d need a txt file with the coordinates of the shoreline of:

gmt begin word png
gmt coast -R9:25/41:15/9:30/41:30r -Ggreen -Df
gmt end show


The highest resolution data will be from gmt coast -M -Rsomearea. -Df. I cannot advise beyond that since I still do not know the purpose of all of this, such as if grids will be involved, distances to coast, etc etc. for which different approaches may make more sense.

Dear Paul, thank you very much for your help. Distance to coast is what I’m looking for.

would this work:

gmt coast -M -R9:25/41:15/9:30/41:30r -Df> Italy.txt

Pay attention to the fact that the coastlines in GMT are from last century and use a different datum than your likely position points. The difference between WGS84 and the datum used in the coastlines data is about 400 m. In an area of ~10x10 km that can be a non-negligible offset.

dear Joaquim, thank you for your post. it is not then the right way for what I need.
thank you