Can greenspline module perform interpolation on two-dimensional vector data?


I have an ASCII file with 4 columns, representing longitude, latitude, value, and the azimuth of the value. These data are unevenly distributed in space. I want to interpolate them into two grid data along the north-south and east-west directions for practical purposes. Does anyone know how to do this?

Note that this involves interpolating vectors, so the surface module is unsuitable. I came across a paper by Professor Sandwell in the literature, and it seems like he used greenspline for vector interpolation. I’ve attempted but failed, which I attribute to my unfamiliarity with the module.

Does anyone know about this module? Hope to get your help.

The only vector gridding we have is the gpsgridder that uses coupled elasticity to grid GPS vectors. greens-line is scalar gridding. You can see if gpsgridder and the paper reference explaining it is useful for you.

Hi~ Prof. Wessel, Thank you for the reply, I’ll try using gpsgridder to see if it meets the requirements.