GMT_format changed

Hi everyone,
I get some problems with format changes automatically when I move the files into another folder.

Please, help me to overcome this situation.
Thanks in advance.
There are two different out put files with the same coding and files.

gmtset FORMAT_DATE_IN yyyymmdd
gmtset TIME_EPOCH 2000-01-01T12:00:00
gmtset FONT_ANNOT 40p,Time-Roman,255/0/0 FONT_LABEL 40p
gmtset FONT_LABEL 40p,0/0/0 MAP_TICK_LENGTH 8p MAP_TICK_PEN 3p,255/0/0 MAP_FRAME_PEN 3p,255/0/0

psbasemap -R2018-02-08T00/2018-02-16T00/0/30 -JX18/12 -Bya5f1+l"@;255/0/0;@ 200-850 hPa Vertical Wind Shear (m/s)" -BW -K -P -X2.5 -Y2.5 >

echo 20180208T05 2 40,5,black No Shear >Work99
pstext Work99 -R -J -F+f+jLB -O -V -K>>

echo 20180208T05 5 >temp99
echo 20180216T00 5 >>temp99
psxy temp99 -R -J -W2,0/0/0,–,–,-- -O -V -K >>

echo 20180208T05 8.5 40,5,black Low shear >Work98
pstext Work98 -R -J -F+f+jLB -K -O -V >>

echo 20180208T05 10 >temp98
echo 20180216T00 10 >>temp98
psxy temp98 -R -J -W2,0/0/0,–,–,-- -O -V -K >>

echo 20180208T05 12 40,5,black Shear >Work97
pstext Work97 -R -J -F+f+jLB -K -O -V >>

echo 20180208T05 15 >temp97
echo 20180216T00 15 >>temp97
psxy temp97 -R -J -W2,0/0/0,–,–,-- -O -V -K >>

echo 20180208T05 17 40,5,black High Shear >Work96
pstext Work96 -R -J -F+f+jLB -O -V -K >>

echo 20180208T05 22 40,5,red Annulus of 200 - 800km>VWS
pstext VWS -R -J -F+f+jLB -O -V -K >>

echo 20180208T05 24 40,5,red - TS (2018) >Mitag

pstext Mitag -R -J -F+f+jLB -O -V -K >>

psxy VWS_Annulus_200-800_km.2018 -R -J -W2,0/0/0 -O -V -K >>
psxy VWS_Annulus_200-800_km.2018 -R -J -G255/0/0 -W1,0/0/0 -Sc0.4 -K -O -V >>

gmtset FONT_ANNOT 40p,Time-Roman,0/0/0 FONT_LABEL 40p MAP_TICK_LENGTH 8p MAP_TICK_PEN 3p,black MAP_FRAME_PEN 3p,black

psbasemap -R2018-02-08T00/2018-02-16T00/0/160 -JX18/12 -Bpxf12ha24h+l"Typhoon track points corresponding time" -Bya20f10+l"Wind speed (knots)" -BESn -Bsxa1d -P -K -O -Xa -Ya >>

psxy -R -J -W2,0/0/0 -K -O -V >>
psxy -R -J -W1,0/0/0 -Ctc_scale1.cpt -Sc0.4 -O -V >>

psconvert -A -Tg -E300 -P
del temp97 temp98 temp99 Work96 Work97 Work98 Work99 shape shape2 shape3 shape4 temp3 temp4 VWS

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Check your gmtset parameters. For example FONT_LABEL 40p is a letter size too big (I think).

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Thanks for your reply.
But the key problem here is why the same GMT’s coding with placing in different folder locations could change output images.

Check this link:

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You probably have a gmt.conf in one dir and not the other.

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So how I set gmt.conf for all of them ?

Read about it at