GMT Regress. R value

I notice that when I run something like gmt regress $Data -Fxy I get 11 values (in the header) but when I run gmt regress $Data -Fp i got 8.

Best regression: N: 163 x0: 54.9595 y0: 3.9365 angle: 0.462163 E: 1.09725 slope: 0.00806645 icept: 3.49318 sig_slope: 0.000791986 sig_icept: 0.078326 corr: 0.608249 R: 0.369967 N_eff: 163

163	54.9595092025	3.93650306748	0.462163351307	1.09724661653	0.00806644711023	3.4931750933	0.000791986061922	0.0783260449988

I just want to get the R value to plot it in the graph. How could I do it? It would be easier if -Fp inform all the 11 values. Should I request for this feature?

Yes, please open an issue - call it a bug. I think I forgot to extend the -Fp output when I added R N_eff etc.

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