Leading zeros with FORMAT_GEO_OUT=ddd:mm.ss.xx

Is there an option for having leading zeros in coordinate output with a format containing ddd[...]?
Doing this with D is easy by specifying e.g. --FORMAT_FLOAT_OUT=%05.3g.


$ echo 7.54353543 7.4342 | gmt convert -fg --FORMAT_GEO_OUT=ddd:mm:ss.xxF
07:32:36.73E    77:26:03.12N

I would like to have the output as 007:32:36.73E 07:26:03.12N.
That is, degree field width of 3 for longitude, and degree field width of 2 for latitude.

No such mechanism. But you could propose it as a feature request - I dont think it is too hard to implement.

Sounds familiar … a distant relative to #5153? I’ve been there before …

And #3562

Should I create a feature request for this, or is Kristof’s sufficient?

Yes, probably no point to add another request, but we did not find time/energy to act on @KristofKoch’s request…

Hmm, so maybe I should create a new sweet & short feature request after all…

Maybe you could point the lines where to some brave would dare …

Yes perhaps. I will try on the various flights.

Ok, I created #7475. Lets hope that dividing #5153 in several chunks will make it easier to eat. @KristofKoch - please comment on it if you have suggestions.