Makecpt with white background, white NaNs and foreground that matches high end

Is there a reason why only the COLOR_NAN can be reset when the -D and -M options are being used?

I want to have the values above the color bar range to match the top end of the color bar, but I want NaNs and values below the color bar to be set to white. Is there a way to do this on the command line?

For example (I know, this doesn’t do it, but I want it to):

gmt makecpt -Cjet -Z -D -T0.15/0.30/0.01 -M --COLOR_BACKGROUND=white --COLOR_NAN=white > t.cpt

Only way would be for us to add directives to -M so that it only applies to a subset of B, F, N. E.g.

-M[b][f][n] where -M (no args) would mean -Mbfn (affect all of them).

Woohoo, sounds like a great idea! Should I enter it into Git as a feature request?

Yes please. Will look at it after 6.4 is out the door in 1-2 days.

No hurry on my end. This will be a useful tweak. I’ll enter a request on Git.