Missing GSHHG database for gmt-4.5.18

Dear GMT-community,
I needed to install the older version gmt-4.5.18 for a number of old scripts. Everything seems to run properly on my LINUX Ubuntu system except for the commands that depend upon geographical coordinates, so mainly its pscoast. When I try to run scripts with pscoast I get the following error-message:
pscoast: No GSHHG database available - must abort
I have downloaded the gmt-gshhg and gmt-dcw and located them in my /usr/share directory as it was recommended for version 5. Could it be that there is a link missing now somewhere to the appropriate src or gmt directory? The man pages are working fine so I thought the install process I used should have also created a link to the databases…
I would be very thankful for any comments, recommendations or ideas :wink: Also, I don’t know if this here is the correct category or tool to place suc a question. Please let me know otherwise…
Best regards from Norther Germany
Cheers Monika

Monika, are you sure of that? Have you tried to run them in GMT6?

I don’t remember anymore where the coastlines were installed in GMT4. Maybe at /usr/share/gmt/coast

Hi Joaquim,
thanks for your response and your suggestion. Meanwhile, I dug a little more into the GMT structure and found out that there is a gshhg directory in src/gshhg including an own Makefile. However, in my /usr/local/share I found the gmt-dcw and gmt-gshhg files and I try to find out now which ones are the correct files. From what I saw up to now, I guess that I have to ‘configure’ and the make file procedure again. If this is not successful, I’ll probably will uninstall gmt-4.5.18 and try anew with version 5 :wink:
Best regards

GMT5!!! Horror. It’s years old :smile:
Seriously, install 6.2 and try your GMT4(ever) scripts.

Ok, with your recommendation I’ll try to make this step and install 6.2 …
If I get 4.5.18 running, would it be worth the effort to have 2 versions installed and use gmtswitch to be able to choose between both?

Honestly, I cannot think of remotely good reason to insist on GMT4. I’m amazed on how it still works on unix. Even if some bits a script won’t run in 6. Just fix them.

Ok, you convinced me, I will try with version 6… :wink:
Thanks again and have a nice weekend
Cheers Monika

I have the same problem. I will try to install GMT6

Note that on Nov 9, 2023 we added the ancient 4.5.18 download files/installers to the other GMT releases on the Release Page.