Plot errors with batch

gmt6.2dev / macOS

Does somebody else experience plot “anomalies” while using batch ?

I often got variation in the time-axis (y-direction) label format :

Format wanted Format plotted sometimes Format rarely plotted
J YYYY-01-01 January
F YYYY-02-01 February
M YYYY-03-01 March

I also happen to have this kind of errors :

grdimage [WARNING]: No grid or image inside plot domain
grdimage [WARNING]: Your grid y's or latitudes appear to be outside the map region and will be skipped

Sometimes simply files errors :

plot [WARNING]: Mismatch between actual (2) and expected (3) fields near line 284 in file file.txt

And sometimes gmt.conf “unrecognized” options :

gmt [ERROR]: Unrecognized keyword black.
1 GMT Defaults conversion errors in file gmt.conf!

Running the same script again fixes it, sometimes on the first try, sometimes after 3 or 4 iterations.


Please use -x to only use one core and see if that is stable. If not then I would be happy to try to recreate it on my Mac.

I didn’t run the job until the end :

gmt [ERROR]: Unrecognized keyword =.
1 GMT Defaults conversion errors in file gmt.conf!

And just checking you do not have a rogue bad gmt.conf in your home directory? if not, is it possible for you to zip up everything I need to recreate your batch job and give me access via the cloud or ftp?

Nothing on home (~/)
But I still copy/paste gmt.conf from upper-level to working directory (see closed issue 4779), otherwise it doesn’t work

# in : 
> call of a bash function with "gmtset" commands

# in : 
cp ../gmt.conf ./ 

I’ll ask tomorrow just in case, I genuinely don’t know what is the policy for what I’m doing.

We fixed a bunch of issues related to Win executables, now in master.

But this is probably something else.