Access remote data files

Is there a way to have access to a remote file? I’m trying to plot something but i need to see the data structure of a remote file and don’t know how.
João Rocha

Olá João,
Your question is not clear. What type of data do you want to access remotely?
Some type of data will work, other not. For example

grdinfo http://address-to-some-geotiff (or I think better grdinfo /vsimem/http://address-to-some-geotiff)
will work but grdinfo http://address-to-some-nc-grid may work on linux but fail on Windows.

Hello Joaquim,
Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to plot some statistics in GMT, as i’ve been working mainly with gnuplot, but find GMT more straightforward.
I have a data-table with several columns and i want to produce some standard stastistics with some histograms, like those in the example gallery. I would like to see how the data is structured so i could fomat my data and work it properly for GMT. For instance, is there a way i could see the data stored in “@v3206_06.txt”?
Thanks once more.
João Rocha

For instance, is there a way i could see the data stored in “@v3206_06.txt”?

“The first time you access one of these files, GMT will download the file (or a subset tile) from the selected GMT server and save it to the server directory under your GMT user directory [~/.gmt]. From then on we read the local file from there.”

And besides what Federico has said, one often do not need to reformat our data to please GMT. The -i option is very powerful for that purpose.

Thanks a lot @Esteban82 and @Joaquim. I’ll dig into it.
João Rocha

I think that the following command will show you the path:

gmt --show-userdir

Thank you @Esteban82 …got it.

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