Drape image over shaded terrain

I want to drape the image cv6.png over some shaded terrain. I have the feeling I’m missing something obvious but after some minutes burning CPU cycles I end up with a completely black image. Would you kindly point out my mistake?

gmt grdcut @earth_relief_01s -Gcv_terrain_zoom.grd -R-26/14.25/-22/17.75+r -JM60c
gmt grdview -JM60c -R-26/14.25/-22/17.75+r cv_terrain_zoom.grd -I+d -Gcv6.png -png cv_plot

Data: cv6.png.zip (246.8 KB)

GMT version: 6.2.0_2e7c8e4_2020.11.07

Maybe need -Qi or -Qs to avoid default mesh plot (lots of black lines)?

Thank you, @pwessel – that did the trick. I missed the forest for the trees …