Histogram problem

If I run

gmt begin Dcf_hist pdf
gmt histogram qf -JX5/8 -T0.0/0.6/0.025 -F -BSW -Bxa0.1+lf -W1 -G200
gmt end

I get
histogram [WARNING]: Cannot tell if -T0/.6/.025 -W1 is new or deprecated syntax; selected deprecated.
histogram [ERROR]: Unrecognized option -T

If instead I use -T0.001/0.6/0.025 it works. Doable, but not nice.

It is best if you specify pen units in this case. Using -W1p will shut this up. The trouble has to do with backwards compatibility form a dark past when -W set the histogram increment. Cannot tell if -W1 is old setting for an increment of one, but if you say -W1p we can for sure tell it is a pen.

Thank you for the quick reply! Adding ā€œpā€ solved it.