PyGMT at SciPy 2021

I was just looking at the SciPy 2021 website, and the deadline for posters and talks for the virtual conference is on February 16th. Additionally, the call for sprint submissions opens on February 11th. Are we planning on submitting for either for this upcoming year? I’m not sure what the cost-benefits for either of these options are, but I wanted to see if there is a plan in the works for PyGMT’s participation, and if so, how I can contribute.

Hi @willschlitzer, thanks for your contributions to the PyGMT library and your interest in contributing to PyGMT’s involvement in SciPy! Yes, there’s been discussion about a tutorial for PyGMT at SciPy. I will look into starting a slack channel for this so that we can plan as the deadline for submissions gets closer. Please reach out again if you don’t get any invitations to join within the next day or so.

@meghanj Sounds good! I haven’t submitted a conference abstract/poster since AGU Fall 2011. Looking forward to getting involved!