SetTransparency pdfmark ignored

I’m trying to convert a multi-page PSfile into a PDF.

Several figures contain transparency :
gmt psxy -R -J $file -Sb0.4c -Gred -W0.2 -t50 -O -K >> $psFile

and the call for conversion :
gmt psconvert -TF -A $psFile -Fname
(note that the -Z option to get rid of the psFile after conversion doesn’t work).

Even though the conversion occurs and the PDF is readable, there’s no transparency (if I try to convert it manually I got this message :

Converting the PostScript file produced the following warnings: · % Warning: /SetTransparency pdfmark ignored: Unknown %

which gs > /usr/local/bin/gs (v. 9.52)
which gmt > /usr/local/bin/gmt (v. 6.0.0)

Thanks !

Unfortunately, gs 9.51 and 9.52 have serious bugs, so you can’t get transparency with them. You’d better use ghostscript 9.50 instead.

See for related discussion.

Downgrade to gs 9.50 or wait for 9.53 in September…

Ok … Thanks !
Let’s hope 9.53 will fix things (from what I’ve found on the old forum this is a recurring problem :frowning: )