Create a topographic map displays crust thickness and Vs / Vp at GMT

Dear friends of GMT users.
Please the solution. What is the script to make a topographic map that displays crust thickness and Vp / Vs like the image below?
how to make a box-shaped color contour like this picture? I use GMT5 on Ubuntu.
thank you,

You may wish to ask the author of that paper directly. But probably involves a mask to only see certain blocks of the velocities and crustal thicknesses.

I have emailed to the author of the paper, but I am waiting for a reply. can this picture be made at GMT?

how about the script in gmt to create grids and color contours that can only see certain blocks?

It is clearly a GMT figure so if you ask if GMT can make sure plots, then the answer is yet. But the script is something the author cobbled together.