Draw spesific area of this triangulation

Hi i’m a student and trying to find a way to create a color from this triangulation that i tried from example, so lets say each triangulation got its own value like what i shown like -30,-25,-20,0,40, etc. how do i make a color fill for it? so basically what i want to create is like the second picture

Since you found example 12, does not that answer your questions?

No not really, what i want to create is like the area of each triangle itself got its own different value like this, i draw this from paint but i hope you get what i’m trying to say here. I don’t want to make it interpolate like contour, i just want to make it spesific for each area

ex12 (1)

Sure. How do you want the -10, -13, etc. to be computed from the 3 nodes (with different z-values)?

At this point, i just want to take any best option i could get.

If you are able to build GMT from the master (GitHub) then an enhanced -S option will do what you want, assuming you know what you want…

may i know how to create this one?


no i mean i just want to see his full code that he is used to create it

After you get the full gmt tree from GitHub, see test/triangulate/tripatch.sh for examples.