Embedded Ghostscript version is not current in GMT 6.2.0

I installed GMT 6.2.0 using the gmt_6.2.0-darwin-x86_64.dmg package on a MacBook Pro (2015) running Big Sur (11.4). I also installed Ghostscript using “brew.” The current supported version of Ghostscript from brew is 9.54.0 versus GMT embedded version of 9.53.3. This generates errors like this below:

10:plots_2018-095_2018-097 glen$ ps2pdf MEAN.DJIG.unk.orbit.res.ps
gs: Interpreter revision (9540) does not match gs_init.ps revision (9533).

when trying to use the Ghostscript tools for file conversion, etc.

Is there a workaround or when will the next version of GMT be available to aligns these packages?

If you have brew then you might as well install GMT from github. The dmg package installs its own gs version etc but if your PATH takes you to the later gs version then there may be issues.

Also, ps2pdf is not GMT and we generally do not recommend it to convert GMT PS to PDF since there are lots of gs options that ought to be set (which psconvert does).

Thanks for heads on psconvert - I understand that ps2pdf is not included in GMT. I chose the *.dmg because it appeared to be simpler to do the install. I can do the “brew” install method.

What would I have to add to my path to point to GMT’s own gs version?

If you double-click on the GMT application it opens a bash window and at the end prints something like this:

Note 1: If you want to use GMT outside of this terminal or in scripts, then follow these steps:
a) export GMTHOME=/Applications/GMT-6.3.0_55bb7c4_2021.10.22.app/Contents/Resources
b) add $GMTHOME/bin to your path
c) export PROJ_LIB=$GMTHOME/share/proj
d) export GS_LIB=$GMTHOME/share/ghostscript/9.53.3/Resource/Init
e) export MAGICK_CONFIGURE_PATH=$GMTHOME/lib/GraphicsMagick/config

Item a, b and d are relevant for Ghostscript only, but for general GMT use you need them all.