Help running on Windows

Hi everyone,
I’m very new to any type of coding, I had not even heard of Github until last week. I work in the Maritime Industry and I have been trying for the past 4 days to open GMT 6 on my windows10 computer with no luck.
I have downloaded the win64.exe, I have made my computer able to run Ubuntu but I am unable to link the two to open GMT 6.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, you mean that you downloaded and installed ?

Then, one annoyance might have happened to you. Your path is already long and the installer was not able to add the GMT binary dir to your path (which is needed). But in those cases there is a little window that pops up and warns that you have to add the bin dir to the path. If you had accepted the default install location, you have to add c:\programs\gmt6\bin to your user or systems path.

Hi @ceanne, first of all thank you for giving GMT a try and kudos for asking for help!

There a few other things that might have happened:

  1. If you installed the Windows installer, then it’s mean to be run from the Windows command line (cmd.exe, powershell, etc) and not the Ubuntu for Windows.
  2. If you want to use Ubuntu for Windows, then I would recommend following the instructions for installing with conda and doing it all in the Ubuntu terminal. This would be a separate install and not related to the Windows installer (gmt-6.0.0-win64.exe)

Also, when posting in the forum it really helps us if you can write down in as much detail as possible (1) all of the steps you took and (2) the outputs of those steps. The error messages tell us a great deal about what might have gone wrong (and help us figure out if it’s our fault).

I hope this helps and that you can get GMT up and running!

Just a note to our users that there are currently some problems with installing GMT 6.0.0 on Windows via conda due to missing .dll files in the package. We’re currently trying to resolve it in and it might take some time as it involves a lot of upstream components. Installing via the exe or through Ubuntu Linux on Windows should work fine though.