Label color bars with date-time strings

Hi There,
I am having trouble labeling my color bar with the date and time represented by the colors. Currently, the labels seem to be seconds since a certain time, but I want them to be date-time strings such as 2012-01-01-00-00-00. I am using GMT 6.1.1. Here is an excerpt of my codes:

gmt begin test pdf

Plot the coast lines

gmt coast -JH-88.5/8i -R-180/180/-90/90 -A10000 -Bwsne -Bxa0f0g0 -Bya0f0g0 -Dl -Ggray -Swhite -Cwhite

Make the colorscale

gmt makecpt -Cjet -T2012-06-29T08:00:00/2013-10-18T11:00:00

Plot the colorbar

gmt colorbar -DJMR -B
gmt end show

Thanks a lot!

Did you try -Baf with your colorbar call?

Seems you need to specify a unit to turn the CPT into a datestring cpt. I tried 1 hr and then the annotations worked better

gmt makecpt -Cjet -T2012-06-29T08:00:00/2013-10-18T11:00:00/1h > t.cpt
gmt colorbar -Ct.cpt -Dx4i/4i+w3i -B -pdf t

That works. Thanks!