Plot3d not plotting symbols in modern mode

Plot3d will not plot the point symbols on top of my wells. This is very odd behaviour as they were showing up but now are not. Everything else in the script is working (i.e. the surface mesh and wells show up but the symbols to mark the well heads on the topography will not). Nothing in the script has changed which makes me think some weird default setting has changed? Can anyone see something I’ve missed? Why are the points not plotting? A snippet is below and the code is attached. I can’t upload the data or the image bc the file sizes are too large.
wellfield_surf.txt (3.3 KB)

gmt plot3d $region $projection $viewang -W2p -A -Gblack << EOF

-106.9563713 34.05913412 1938.1

-106.9563713 34.05913412 1744.22


gmt plot3d $region $projection $viewang -W0.5p -Sc5.0i -Gyellow -Vd << EOF

-106.9562300 34.05928641 1939.01

-106.9562156 34.05915058 1938.96

-106.9561868 34.05901497 1938.80

-106.9563469 34.05900737 1939.06

-106.9565156 34.05897953 1939.26

-106.9565260 34.05911768 1939.39

-106.9565577 34.05925171 1939.56

-106.9563942 34.05926297 1939.36


Looks like all your points are outside the z-range set via -R. If you still want to plot them (above the range) then you will need -N.

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