Resolution of @earth_relief

Hello everyone,
I try to do this map…but i don’t receive a good resolution…

This is my code :

gmt begin ETNA pdf,png
   gmt set IO_COL_SEPARATOR=tab
   gmt coast -R14.19816/15.31768/38.30667/38.82758 -Wthin  -JM5i  -Baf  -Gbisque -Sskyblue -Df -I1
   gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01s -R14.19816/15.31768/38.30667/38.82758 -I+d  

   gmt inset begin  -DjBL+w2c -M0 -F+gwhite+p1p  
       gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01m -R11.50000/16.00000/35.39997/39.0000 -I+d
   gmt inset end

gmt end show

and i receive this error:

grdblend [ERROR]: Failed to remove C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Temp/! [remove error: Permission denied]
grdblend [ERROR]: Failed to delete file C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Temp/

The inset have a good resolution and i don’t have error!

For the principal map, i receive this error

It seems GMT is not allowed to modify the working directory, which is odd.
I tried your command and got the following :

gmt [WARNING]: File /Users/guillaume/.gmt/server/gmt_hash_server.txt said it has 182 records but only found 176 - download error???
gmt [WARNING]: File /Users/guillaume/.gmt/server/gmt_hash_server.txt will be deleted.  Please try again
gmt [WARNING]: File /Users/guillaume/.gmt/server/gmt_hash_server.txt.old said it has 181 records but only found 175 - download error???
gmt [WARNING]: File /Users/guillaume/.gmt/server/gmt_hash_server.txt.old will be deleted.  Please try again
grdblend [NOTICE]: Remote data courtesy of GMT data server oceania []

So maybe a bug with GMT server ? @maxrjones ?

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OK thanks, but what should I do? Is this something I can solve?

What does the principal map look like? White? The error message only says that it was unable to delete the file.

the base map is created with the costa command.
Do I have to delete it?

Yes, of course. The coast is plotted anyway (by the way, when you succeed plotting the grid, it will overlay your coast lines).

No, you don’t have to delete it. I’m not sure whats wrong with the file permission stuff.

This clearly looks like a bug that was fixed after 6.3.0 but one that does not affect anything. Just annoying to see a message saying ERROR

so I don’t have to modify anything?
or is it just a problem with the grid overlay that’s not right? have i done it wrong? or haven’t i done it at all…

Thanks for the ping - this is fixed.

Apparently this was a bug which now is fixed.

You have to wait until a new version is released, or build from source.

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okay, thanks for the answer.
what means “build from source”? How do it?

It means that you build gmt from source code to create executable files. When you install gmt this has already been done for you.

If youre new to programming and that sort of stuff, it’s quite a steep learning curve. If you want to give it a try, see Building GMT.

I would recommend you to wait for the next release instead.

That bug is innocuous. Just a little bit annoying but the error message can be safely ignored.